The best Advice for Unsigned Artists

1:49 pm on November 20, 2015

Being an unsigned artist can be stressful without the proper guidance. Managing a career is not easy, let alone managing a music career. However, there are certain things a musician can do in order to make being unsigned as an artist work for them.

The first step is to know that being unsigned can be a good thing. Most major record labels enjoy changing the artist and making them into what they would prefer the artist to be. This process can change the artist and the music that they produce. Many mainstream artists have lost their originality because of this.

Remaining unsigned can preserve the unique sound and creative control of the music that is created. Having the ability to make unique music is definitely a benefit and should be embraced. The more unique and original the music is, the more likely it will stand out amongst the other music available. Keep a unique sound and do anything to make the music diverse.

Marketing music is the best way to gain popularity and fans. The more people that hear the music the more people can be converted into faithful fans. Market the music on every social media platform available. Create new music to release onto the sites and follow up with visual content. Music videos are one of the top five ways to get music heard by the general public.

It is important to remain patient as an unsigned artist. The path to being discovered can be a long one and it is important to not get discouraged. There are artists worth millions of dollars that did not get discovered until years and years of making music. Staying positive, consistent, and patient will help the journey be a lot smoother. Hard work always pays off eventually.