Recover well after a strenuous exercise

3:06 pm on November 19, 2015

Just as warm up exercises are necessary before a work out so also the recovery methods should also be followed during every vertical jump training program. You should know exactly what to do to make the muscles recover from the strenuous workouts. Training well is important for any sport. It is more important how you treat yourself after a training workout. Our body becomes attuned to digest anything after a strenuous workout. It is important what you feed your body after a workout lest everything comes to naught. There are varying degrees of training involved. The training intensity required for a plyometrics session is definitely more than a session of say speed walking. You cannot compare both the intensities. The degrees of intensity in a plyometric workout are of a very high volume. The training volume depends on the intensity and the frequency of workout.


Improving force, speed and power are the main ingredients of training for vertical height. Speed and power can be achieved by specialized training and dedication. The needs of the body are much more after a strenuous bout of training. Hence the body should be tuned properly to recover from the strain caused by hard workouts. One can take a good energy supplement after a tough exercise session. Carbohydrates are required to be replenished and eating a banana is the best way to improve the position of carbohydrates in the body. To replenish the proteins and amino acids, one can take eggs followed by chicken and fish. To cap it all one requires a good liquid diet too. Hence eating full well rounded meal containing all the proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins is best for a post workout recovery. Too much of exercise without the replenishments can have an opposite effect and the purpose itself becomes futile.