A Good Investment for Smokers: Buy a Bong

2:11 pm on December 6, 2015

I haven’t been smoking for very long, and most of my smoking career has consisted of buying a pack of rolling papers once or twice a week. Rolling up your smoke can be great, but it also tends to be somewhat wasteful.

I decided it was time to make a new investment. I was going to buy a bong. I had only smoked from a bong once before, so I was really unsure of what I was looking for or what it would cost me. The sales guy at the head shop was very helpful. He asked questions about what I normally smoke and decided what might be best for me.

Boy, what a great investment that was! I only spent about twenty-five bucks, and I got something that’s lasted me for a long time and has saved me on rolling papers. It is also an incredibly comfortable and effective way to smoke. The water makes the smoke far less harsh and easier to enjoy. It’s also saved me on smoke, as it typically only takes a couple puffs now to get me where I need to be.

I almost wish I had discovered this sooner. I’ll still go buy a pack of papers for a change every now and again, but the bong is my baby and what I choose to smoke out of most of the time.

Whether you’re an everyday smoker or just someone who enjoys a good smoke every now and again, a bong is an excellent investment. I’ve saved a ton of money since I got my bong, and I’ve also enjoyed every puff I’ve taken from it. It’s funny to think that I had initially tried to make a choice between a bong and a regular pipe, and I almost chose a pipe. I’m glad I didn’t.